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Invest in Equity

Usually companies sell a portion of their shares to public to raise money to fund their operations. A unit of a portion of share of the company is called a share, a stock or equity. Thus a person who buys the shares becomes a shareholder of the company. 

These shares are offered in the primary market to the public through Initial Public Offering (IPO) or New Fund Offering (NFO). Shares of the company are then listed on a stock exchange. A stock exchange is a secondary market where any person having a trading account can buy or sell shares.

How to Trade In Equity?

Well, It is very simple. You need to first open a trading and a demat account. Then you need to link your trading account with any of your exiting bank savings account to transfer money to your trading account towards  purchase of shares.

Once bought, your shares will be stored in your demat account in electronic format. 

why Should you invest In Equity?

Stocks or equities are one of the most useful financial instruments to build long term wealth. Staying invested over long horizon in quality stocks can yield big results.

Wealth Creation: Equities are the most suitable financial instruments to invest in to create wealth over a long period of time. Stay invested in quality stocks over a long period of time and you can reap excellent returns.

Beats Inflation: Inflation eats into your savings.  The amount of money you need to pay to purchase the same quantity of a particular goods keeps increasing with time because of inflation. That is why you need to invest your savings so that they grow. One of the best ways to beat investments and keep your savings growing in the real sense is to invest in equities. 

Higher returns compared to bank deposits: Equities can give much better returns when compared to simple bank deposits. 

what do we offer?

Algates  Financial as an Authorised Person of Cholamandalam Securities brings to you a host of services and benefits.  

Instruments Available: Once you open an account with us, we allow you to trade in equity, preferred shares, debentures and bonds and mutual funds.

Ease in Trading: We cater to all types of customers, whether they are investors or traders. We offer customised brokerage plans which suit your requirements. You can log into your account on your own device and trade from anywhere. 

We also offer free of cost Dial-N-Trade facility. You can call you dedicated customer service desk anytime during the market hours to place your order.

Research: Cholamandalam Securities has a full-fledged research team which does ongoing fundamental and technical research on stocks, sectors and markets. Their top picks, morning calls and research reports are to help you make and informed decision. 

Investor Education: We at Algates Financial believe in sharing of knowledge. If you are a beginner in stock market, we bring to you our online and offline workshops to help you understand the basics of stock market. Click here to register for the upcoming workshop.